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How to win online rummy tournaments?

How to win online rummy tournaments?

The ability to play Indian Rummy well has become one of the most important skills these days. With millions of people following this game on the web as well as mobile phones, this strategy-based game is on a rise. A lot of players are interested in investing their money in the game to be able to win some money back via cash rummy tournaments. However, only a few of them can make a profit out of it. The game requires a lot of strategy planning and practice to master the game. 

It is always beneficial to learn some tips to be able to apply them while playing the tournament. These strategies and hacks can increase the winning percentage and are also available on YouTube and other rummy sites. So, if you want to earn some real money and make your rummy experience entertaining as well as rewarding, then let us have a look at some tips that must be applied to your game:

1.Get your basics right

First things first, before you begin practicing/playing the game, understand what it is all about by going through its basics. For example, there is a misconception that only three cards can be used to form a sequence and that four cards make a set. However, rules state that a sequence (pure and impure) can be formed by using three or more cards. A set can also be formed by using a minimum of three cards. Differences in concepts like these can be crucial in being able to win/lose a game. So, it is important to run yourself through the game and all the instructions that need to be followed while playing. 

 2.Practice Until you get it right

Without practice, you cannot master any game, no matter which one you are playing. Every game needs practice for you to be able to play it well. You need to know about the controls to get a deeper knowledge of the platform, the controls, and the strategies required to play it right. Only knowing the rules won’t get you anywhere in the game unless you know how to apply and stick by those rules to win. Therefore, to win a cash rummy tournament, you need to devise a strategy that can only be possible by putting in hours practicing for the game. 

3.Keep an eye on the Discard Pile

Discard Pile is one of the best tricks if you want to get ahead of your opponents. With the help of the cards discarded by them, you can place an estimate about the possible hand that your opponents are trying to make. As you practice more and more, your judgment will become better and you will be able to discard cards which will be of no use to your opponents. 

4.Know your Tournament variant

Several cash rummy tournaments are organized, and it is practically impossible for someone to become a pro in every one of those tournaments. So, the first step that you must take is to identify which variant of the game suits you best and then practice that particular format. Ensure that you devise some unique strategies that your opponents are not able to crack. Once you are confident, participate in low-level tournaments at first to know the level of your skills and strategies by applying them to the other players in real-time.

5.Learn the important art of Bluffing

It is said that bluffing is not a part of Rummy but as you learn this game, you will realize that the art of bluffing is very much valid here. In cash rummy tournaments, the advanced players discard cards to confuse their opponents. This makes it hard for the other players to read what hand the player is trying to make. The harder it is for your opponents to guess your moves, the higher chances you will have of winning the cash rummy tournament. Therefore, it is always better to mix your strategies and add a little bluff to increase your chances of winning. 

6.Make a pure sequence first

You will not be able to win any rummy app tournament without making a pure sequence first i.e., a set of 3 or more cards from the same suit. So, make sure that this is the first thing you do when you participate in the game. 

7.Joker is extremely important for your game

Do not underestimate the importance of a joker in a rummy game. Even if you have only one pure sequence and several jokers in hand, you can easily form non-pure sequences and win the game. Such is the power of a joker card in this game. 

8.Let go of the value cards

This is one of the major differences between other card games and rummy. In rummy, you need 0 points if you want to win or lose with the least number of points. This becomes especially important when you are participating in a cash rummy tournament and the stakes are high due to which every point is going to make a difference. So, do not give a lot of importance to a particular suit or card during the game, and try to get rid of the high-value cards first.

9.Do not make yourself an easy target

It is important to keep your eyes and ears open while playing this game, literally! Like you keep an eye on your opponents, they are also doing the same with you. So, to give them a hard time, you can keep them from looking at the cards that you are picking. If the cards that your opponents are discarding are not ones that you need to win, try picking cards from the hidden deck and not from the discarded pile. 

10.Arrange your cards systematically

Make sure that you do not have a messy start. Arrange your cards based on their suit/color to keep them in order. Then, proceed to play the game. This will give you a clear idea about the cards you have in order to make a sequence.